London, 11 December 2020– Green logistics provider, Urb-it, and multichannel shipping, order and stock management provider Despatch Cloud have announced a new partnership to offer retailers a streamlined eCommerce experience. The collaboration will allow retailers to have a fully integrated order and inventory management solution, with added sustainable delivery capability.

“The rapid rise of eCommerce is creating a lot of really innovative companies who can leverage new technologies to create a better world and we are really pleased to be partnering with one of these companies Urb-it. Decarbonising the supply chain is vital for all our futures and seeing our clients recognise this and use services which are designed to reduce the carbon footprint, while offering consumers more choice and eCommerce companies the ability to enhance the customer experience is a great trend we want to encourage and see flourish. So, we are excited by this partnership with Urb-it and the future we see working together.”, said Matthew Dunne, Technical Director & Founder of Despatch Cloud

Kevin Kviblad, CEO of Urb-it commented, “This is very exciting partnership, and we see huge potential in collaborating with Despatch Cloud. They offer state of the art eCommerce functionality, integrating with leading shipping and sales channel players such as Amazon Shipping, DPD, Magento, and Shopify. Together, we will combine our robust API technology, allowing retailers to streamline their entire eCommerce platform, all while bringing added value and choice to the end-consumer through our sustainable delivery offering.

About Urb-it AB (publ):
Urb-it is a Swedish logistics company and Certified B Corporation™. Powered by a robust technical platform, and its community of delivery assistants (Urbers), Urb-it offers a customer-centric end-to-end fulfilment service for e-commerce, retail, and the on-demand market. The company today operates in the UK and France and works with leading European brands. 

The company’s mission is to transform logistics with a human service that fights for the health of our cities. Delivering the last-mile exclusively on foot, bike or with cargo-bikes, Urb-it aims to reduce air pollution, noise pollution and congestion in Urban areas, while providing a delivery service that exceeds customer expectations. Our Urbers are carefully recruited and trained by Urb-it to provide excellent service.

The solution is available to merchants via direct API-integration as well as through a range of leading transport management systems. Services include delivering the same-day, next-day, nominated day and returns, and can be fulfilled both from the merchant’s online store and physical store network.   

About Despatch Cloud:
Despatch Cloud is here to help eCommerce flow. Being the nexus of eCommerce companies, we enable companies to work more efficiently and scale their business. Offering connectivity from Sales channels, ERP systems, accountancy systems and of course courier services like the groundbreaking Urb-it. Through our cloud-based services we enable order processing, shipping management, inventory, and warehouse management.  

The Company’s Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB who are reachable on +468- 503 015 50 or