London, 26 November 2020 – The post-purchase experience is the latest frontier for leading brands to differentiate their offering and increase profit margins. Failing to do so will result in losing out on repeat purchases and may even deter the most loyal consumer from returning. Green logistics provider, Urb-it, and enterprise platform provider Primis Communications announce a strategic partnership to offer retailers an end-to-end solution for green fulfilment and an excellent customer journey including enhanced tracking, communication and streamlined returns processes.

“My mantra has always been to assist brands in developing a positive customer experience, so they can both provide an exceptional service to their customers after the buy button, and at the same time generate customer loyalty and therein, brand ambassadors  It only takes a cursory glance at TrustPilot to see how much power a customer voice has. Partnering with Urb-it will allow us to truly offer a flexible and customer centric delivery option to our retailers’ customers, in a sustainable & convenient manner.  What we love about Urb-it is their use of delivery methods which reduces the carbon footprint of our retailers”, said Rebecca Griffiths, Founder & CEO of Primis Communications.

Kevin Kviblad, CEO of Urb-it commented, “Urb-it promises a delivery experience that exceeds end-customer expectations. This latest partnership with Primis Communications will allow just that, offering leading retailers the combined value of a great delivery service and the latest cutting-edge post-purchase technology.”

About Urb-it AB (publ):
Urb-it is a Swedish logistics company and Certified B Corporation™. Powered by a robust technical platform, and its community of delivery assistants (Urbers), Urb-it offers a customer-centric end-to-end fulfilment service for e-commerce, retail, and the on-demand market. The company today operates in the UK and France and works with leading European brands. 

The company’s mission is to transform logistics with a human service that fights for the health of our cities. Delivering the last-mile exclusively on foot, bike or with cargo-bikes, Urb-it aims to reduce air pollution, noise pollution and congestion in Urban areas, while providing a delivery service that exceeds customer expectations. Our Urbers are carefully recruited and trained by Urb-it to provide excellent service.

The solution is available to merchants via direct API-integration as well as through a range of leading transport management systems. Services include delivering the same-day, next-day, nominated day and returns, and can be fulfilled both from the merchant’s online store and physical store network.   

About Primis:
Primis Communications Limited is an enterprise platform established in 2020, specialising in Post- Purchase, Customer Focused and Loyalty Program Platforms.  Primis Communications was founded upon the need amongst the retail industry to further enhance the consumer journey and experience, with particular focus on the extended longer-term touch points between the Retailer and Consumer, specifically communication channels.