Knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions.
Who are your Urbers
(all other countries)Our Urbers are typically university students or young professionals between 18 and 30. Our Urbers are highly service minded and will go the extra mile to make the customer happy.

Who is responsible for the product?
The shops are responsible for making sure the correct products are packed to your exact standards when collected by the Urber. Urb-it then takes on the responsibility as soon as the products are picked up.

Can I cancel an order?
Urb-it only accepts cancellations if the ordered item(s) are out of stock. In that case, please call us and we will then get in touch with the customer and find a solution. If you encounter any other situation in which you need to cancel the order don't hesitate to contact support and we will try to help you.

The order says
When an active order has the status "Cancelled" in red it means that the customer has decided to cancel the order and has called Urb-it to do so. That cancelled order will disappear after 24 hours. You will receive an email when this happens. You do not need to worry, Urb-it will take care of the rest.
How do I process a return?
Returns can be made in two different ways, either an Urber comes to the store to return an item or the customer returns the item themself. In both scenarios the way to proceed for you is to call Urb-it support. Make sure you find the order in the "Completed orders" list, we will ask you the order ID (placed in the top right side of the order itself) and subsequently refund the money to your customer. We will also send your customer an email to inform them that they will get the money back in 3 to 5 days.
How do I keep track of the returns?
We will process all returns, so you do not need to worry. Each return can be found in your financial report on the Business Portal.
What happens if the items in the order are out of stock in my store?
In that case we ask you to please call support in order for us to call the customer and we can either suggest a similar item, or cancel the order.
Is this service completely eco-friendly?
Yes! Our Urbers make their way by foot, bicycle or on public transport.
Where can you get your order handed over?
Today, we service zone one and parts of zone two. However, Urbit is committed to improving our reach and will expand soon.
What products can be urbed?
The products will vary in size, but should always fit into one or two shopping bags and/or not exceed 8kgs.
How do I know when the product is handed over to the customer?
In the retail app, you can always check to see when the purchase has been handed over to your customer.
For any issues call support right away,
we will find a solution and ensure the items are handed over.
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