Your products. Delivered by hand.

We’re determined, open-minded and thrilled to be working with a diverse community of people to serve a range of businesses across the cities in which we operate.

It’s not just who we do it for. It’s how we do it.
We deliver personally on foot or by public transport.

The result is a delivery service that is friendly, flexible and positively impactful towards the health of our cities.

Urb-it in Numbers

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Talented Employees

Couriers in our Community

The Urb-it Fleet

Nothing beats the flexibility of deliveries on foot. Our Urbers walk from the store to the customer. If needed, public transport will be utilised to reduce the delivery time.

With bicycles, we can effortlessly access and move quickly in the urban environment. That’s ideal both for our express delivery service and to battle congestion and pollution in our cities.

Although our fleet doesn’t include motorised vehicles, we are still able to deliver larger products or handle peak volumes. Our cargo bikes are fast, emission-free and versatile.



Ideally suited for E-commerce, Omni-channel and TA-systems.

Successfully integrated with INDISKA, Lineten, Consignor and Unifaun.


Perfect for small & medium-sized businesses. Start delivering the same day.

Successful partnerships with Interflora, Media Markt, Laudrée and City Pantry.


Urb-it offers a fully flexible, payment solution for remote payments.

A benefit for independent businesses looking to sell remotely.


An easy-to-use tool for consumers to book and track their ongoing deliveries.
Highly rated product within the ecosystem. Maintains high customer satisfaction rating.


Our intelligent platform to solve urban, same-day deliveries. For businesses and consumers.


Our Urbers best friend! A reliable app where available jobs are claimed and fulfilled.

Developed to keep a high retention rate of the Urber community and easy to use.

The Urb-it Leadership Team

Kevin Kviblad

Kevin Kviblad


CEO at Urb-it since February 2018 and based in Stockholm. Kevin has held leadership positions at many growth companies within the e-Commerce space, including at eBay and ICA Gruppen. Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and he owns 256 530 stocks in the company. 

Anders Jönsson

Anders Jönsson


CTO at Urb-it since September 2018 and based in Stockholm.
With experience in both technical and managerial roles, Anders leads the technology strategy and implementation across the Urb-it platform. He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems. Anders holds no stock in the company.

Gaëtan Lemercier

Gaëtan Lemercier


COO at Urb-it since February 2018 and based in Paris. Gaëtan leads the operational strategy, ensuring the growth and quality of the Urb-it model on all markets. He holds a Master’s Degree in General Engineering from CentraleSuplélec and has experience from the Californian on-demand space. Gaëtan holds 10 000 stocks in the company.

Martin Lehec

Martin Lehec

Country Manager France

Country Manager France at Urb-it since September 2020 and based in Paris. 

Hannes Skugghall

Hannes Skugghall

Country Manager UK

Country Manager UK at Urb-it since September 2020 and based in London. Hannes holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Economic Analysis from Stockholm School of Economics and he holds 5 000 stocks in the company.